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The Spawning of Sperm-Wars:
The Game




Exo-Biotic Sports

The next hyper kill computer game is right around the corner. Vertical skating, free climbing, street luging, and massive wave riding have all been done. With the increasing popularity of both extreme sports and violent video games a question often asked is what's next? Extreme sporting's next generation may well be Exo-biotic (Exo: outside of; biotic: the body). Exo-Biotic sports would consist of competitions of various body parts outside of the body. On a human scale, one could imagine: Heart pumping duels, kidney contests, bone strength determinations, and so forth. To realize the full richness and excitement of Exo-biotic Sports one must move to the microscopic level. For example, white blood cell fights, antibody antigen competitions, or individual neuron tests etc. Competition samples could be extracted before each round or harvested and cultured for extended use. Maybe, with a few advances in cloning or with the new 'stem-cell' technology samples could be 'grown' explicitly for sport. As with conventional sports, these contests could be shown live, as in the flesh, ticket selling competitions and/or via television and web broadcasting. Participants could be picked at random or prescreened and trained to maximize their performance. Exo-Biotic athletics the sport of the new millennium.

Sperm-Wars:The Game

What could be first manifestation in this new realm of sport? Taking into account such factors as: simplicity of contest design, ease of sample collection, lots of visible action, and abundant human male competitiveness, the most logical and economic choice would be a sperm competition. This new sporting event will combine the 'to the death' intensity of modern computer games and the thrill of 'real' physical participation as with conventional athletics. Designed in seven, oftentimes intertwined and simultaneous, phases Sperm-Wars:The Game is being developed to test the viability of this new realm of sport. Contest variety, popularity and sophistication will be fully explored. The scientific research is currently under way. The proper legal safeguards are being put in place. Sperm-Wars:The Game is amiable to both live and/or online participation and spectator ship thus providing well proven and easy to navigate marketing avenues. The revenue potential through entrance fees, merchandising and from television and computer game deals alone, is staggering. The first step in the evolution of Exo-biotic athletics, Sperm-Wars:The Game will soon become the next big thing in extreme sporting.

Exo-biotic athletics? Sperm-Wars:The Game? These things may be strange and frightening, but the future usually is.


©2003 Michael B. Roof
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